Sunday, April 29, 2007

Shopping on Sunday

Today was grocery day, here's my digital postcard of this beautiful Sunday afternoon.

1:15pm- Finished grocery shopping at the Price Choppers. Snapped a quick shot of the busy parking lot of the Stadium Mall as my cab rolled up. Looks more like a used Mini-Van car lot. Side note, in one of my editorial cartoons I depicted a guy that used to sit out side the liquor store and tried to sing for his supper. I guess he realized he would be very hungry if he stayed, he's gone thankfully and has been replaced with a guy with some actual talent. Thinks are looking up in the East end.

1:28pm-Back home with my booty. Looked like a lot more in the buggy.

1:37pm-Got the grub dragged in the house, under the watchful eye of Emilly who is always sharp to find her stuff. Now to train her scoop her own.

1:44pm-An incredible five variety stores down Barton St East to find one that sold a bus pass, price $65.00. Groceries $207.61, to restock a bare kitchen, five bucks for a cab, a stop at Timmies. Summary 90 minutes to burn through $280=

1:46-Twenty bucks left for coffee money for the week!

2:08pm-Enjoying my last cold one. What a great day.


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