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The Oliphant Clan Throughout The Years

Family Pictures

Picture of my parents on there 25th wedding anniversery taken in 1980. They stayed together until they died.My mother passed in 1999, my father in 2003. They will be together forever. Love, peace and pride. Posted by Picasa

Dad's Memorium. Rest in Piece, to a great man who left the world way to soon. A public service announcement please check with your local Heart Disease Prevention Centre, or click the link on the right side of this page for more information on how you can prevent a terrible disease from effecting you or your love ones. Posted by Picasa

My cat Emilly Posted by Picasa

This a copy of my Grandpa Gib Bells World War I military record as part of the Canadian Expenditionary Force from 1916-1919. Posted by Picasa

Victory Medal Posted by Picasa

British War Medal Posted by Picasa

April 10 2002 My Uncle John and Aunt Ellenor standing in front of St. Patricks R.C Church in Hamilton. Where they were married Oct 12 1957. Posted by Picasa

Lorraine (sitting) Albert (55 years of marriage and still going strong) with Ellenor. Posted by Picasa

My Nephew Kenneth(Rosanes son). Posted by Picasa

Again Patrice with Max and Tim, Denise and Muggsy, Christine, (Sitting on couch) David(Patrice Husband) with Shane(2 son), Nancy and my brother Wayne, my neice Jennifer, Tara(Waynes other daughter), Dillon(Patrices 3rd son). Posted by Picasa

The Oliphant clan, the next generations, in front Tim(Patrices eldest), behind Maxamillion(youngest) with Patrice, Denise and her dog Muggsy, behind her Christine(Waynes daughter), sitting in chair Denises husband Reg with David Jr.(Patrices 4th son) Dad and Eilleen sit in the back. Posted by Picasa

Dad in 2002 with my Aunt Ellenor in the background. Dad was a die hard Cats fan. Posted by Picasa

From front to back left side, unknown,Jean,unknown,unknown,Great Grandpa Harold Albert, Priest, Around to the right back, Dads Aunt Minera Hayes, Bill(behind cake), Victor, Charley, Albert, Lorraine, Eilleen. Posted by Picasa

Lorraines parents Jim and Velma, Lorraine and Albert, my Grandma Adeline and Grandpa Albert Oliphant. Posted by Picasa

My Aunt Lorraine and Uncle Alberts wedding in 1950 at Mount Hamilton United. On the steps: Forefront, flower girl, my Alberts sister Sherry, Lorraine, Albert, Maid of Honour, Alberts sister Eileen, best man Alberts friend Charlie Prowse. Left, Lorraines Brothers, Bill Freeman and Eva Colonna, other brother Victor and Mary Colonna. Behind: Jimmy Hayes and Jean. Posted by Picasa

Bell family picnic around 1935. Front row, friends of the family Norm, Hazon, Jim and Bob Meak. Second row, Blanche, Stella, my Aunt Lottie, Vera, Uncle Gib, Grandma Marie, Johnson's boy, Moms Aunt Millie, my Uncle Nelson, Catherine, unknown baby. Third row, another Johnson's boy, Alma, my Mom(baby being held), my Uncle Wallace, Allie,Mabel,Lina. Back row, Mom's Uncle George and Aunt Jamie West, Grandpa Gib, unknown baby, Johnson girl, Moms Aunt May, Moms Uncle Bob, Johnson girl, Moms Aunt Wisie, Annie, Moms Uncles John and Will. Posted by Picasa

Moms Class photo around 1944 as well. Bernice Bell front row, third from the left. Posted by Picasa

Dad's school photo from Peace Memorial in Hamilton, located at E36 and Crockett. Class of 1944. Kenneth Oliphant Front row 5th from left 10 years old. His sister Lorraine Back row 1st from left 12 years old. Posted by Picasa
Four Generations of Bell Women (Mom's Side)

Four Generations of Bell Women (Mom's side)Aunt Lottie Bell(baby),Grandma Marie Carmel Bell(holding Lottie),Great Grandma Lottie(Hubbard)West(in white)and Great Great Grandma Amelia Hubbard  Posted by Picasa

My Aunt Phyllis, her husband Roy and their son Denis.  Posted by Picasa

A great portrait of my Great Grandma Bell. I love the old sepia tones that photos had back then. Note the Bell family were Salvation Army (similar to Pennsylvanian Dutch or even Quaker) by religion hense the long Victorian dress and high collar. My sister has a picture of my Grandmother Bell later in her life wearing a similar dress with the bonnett. Posted by Picasa

Picture of my Mom. Not sure why she looks a bit unhappy? And no that's not Timmy playing with Lassie, that's my Uncle Nelson. Good form with then gun though. I believe both Nelson and his brother Walllace where hunters. I never took up the sport, don't like guns. I only play with them in the movies. Posted by Picasa

Mom cerca 1955ish. Looking stylish at Christmas. Posted by Picasa

Dad's Memorium. Rest in Piece, to a great man who left the world way to soon. A public service announcement please check with your local Heart Disease Prevention Centre, or click the link on the right side of this page for more information on how you can prevent a terrible disease from effecting you or your love ones. Posted by Picasa

Picture of my parents on there 25th wedding anniversery taken in 1980. They stayed together until they died.My mother passed in 1999, my father in 2003. They will be together forever. Love, peace and pride. Posted by Picasa

Grandpa Bell Posted by Picasa

The Oliphant Clan cerca 1974. (Front row from left to right) Cherlyanne, Mom(Bernice),,me,Rosanne. (Back row left to right) Denise,Wayne,Patrice.(Absent)Father(Kenneth) hard working truck driver still working. Man, family gatherings where so much simpler, now the family has grown from us six to five inlaws, four nieces, seven nephews, and even a great nephew and another one on the way. Slowly putting the family tree in photos together, I will post as I gather. I'm calling out to any Bell or Oliphant families, leave a note or sign the guest book I would love to hear from you. Side note, to any Oliphants out there, please, I have no photos of my Grandpa Harold Oliphant, father to Kenneth and Albert Oliphant, as well as Eileen Back and Sherry Hurtel(nee Oliphant). If you know of any such photos I would love to hear from you. Posted by Picasa

Oliphant logo that I created. Oliphant translates from the Celtic language to mean "Bull Elephant". The Celts in 42AD created the word to describe the sound of the approaching Roman army who included fifty elephants in their attack. What the hell, if it worked for Hannibal 250 years earlier going over the alps, the English Channel should have been a cake walk for Emperor Claudius' commander Aulus Plautius. They ivy wreath intertwined around the elephants trunk represents litterally my mother who's middle name was ivy, as well as figuratively, the bonds of love that my parents shared. Here is a link to the history of the battle of Medway, Kent. Posted by Picasa

Oliphant logo that created, the cross is Celtic and the family moto "A Tout Provoir" translates to "Provide For All" Posted by Picasa

My Neice with her first son Trevor Kevin 20 months old Posted by Picasa

My sister Patrice's oldest son Tim, 16 Posted by Picasa

Patrice's second oldest son Shane, 14 Posted by Picasa

Patrice's Third Child Dillon, 13 Posted by Picasa

Patrice's fouth son David, 8 Posted by Picasa

Me holding Jennifer's youngest son Brandon Kenneth 2 months old. Proud Grandma Rosanne stands by. This was taken on my front porch that extends across to my sisters home next door. Posted by Picasa

My sister Cherlyanne with her children James 14 and Tracey 11, fiance Dan. Posted by Picasa

Trevor with my sister Denise's dog Muggsy. Posted by Picasa

Time for some more family photos, here's my Nephew James looking stylist in his grade eight grad gown. Posted by Picasa

My Niece Tracy Posted by Picasa
James 2005

Tracy 2005

My Brother Wayne, his wife Nancy and their children Tara(sitting) and Christine. Posted by Picasa

My sister Rosanne and myself. My Nephew Dillon hams it up in the background. Posted by Picasa

A letter from my Aunt Elenor to my Dad after her and Johnny went back to McLean Saskatchewan. McLean is about 20 minutes east of the capital Regina. Posted by Picasa

A letter written on July 31, 2001 from my Dad to Ellenor. Posted by Picasa

The last part of Dads letter. Posted by Picasa

July 15, 2001, myself and my Dad attended a close friend of the families wedding. Jean Kaczmarczykic used to babysit me when I was a baby until about six or seven. Her husbands name is Ernie. The wedding was in a small church in Hess Village in downtown Hamilton. Posted by Picasa

Jean with her husband Ernie her mom, behind is her son John, the flower girl is Johns daughter. This is Jeans second marriage. Posted by Picasa

Oliphant family cerca 1996. Posted by Picasa

My sister Rosanne holding her son Kenneth with her daughter Jennifer. Next too her is my sister in law Nancy with her daughter Tara. The photo is from the summer of 1983 outside then my parents home, the one I currently own. Posted by Picasa

This is a Christmas card from my Aunt Win in Brandon, Manitoba. Cerca 1991. As you can read I lost my Uncle Gib to Alzheimers, please take care of your mental health. Posted by Picasa

Valentines day card from my mom to my dad. Posted by Picasa

Posted by Picasa

Bell family reunion from 1997. My family members are on the left. Posted by Picasa

This is a collage I made of pictures of my sister Patrice, her husband Dave and featured in this picture are three of their sons Tim, Dillon and Shane. Posted by Picasa

This is a collage I made of pictures of my brother Wayne, his wife Nancy and featured in this picture are their daughters Tara and Christine. Posted by Picasa

This a wallpaper I made featuring my sister Denise and her husband Reg Forty. Posted by Picasa

This is my Collage. I think I have always looked good in a tux. Oh and yes I do wish I could get back some of the hair I had back then. Posted by Picasa

Wayne and Denise Posted by Picasa

My brother John and his wife Pat. Rest his soul. Posted by Picasa

My mom and my sister Cherlyanne. Posted by Picasa

My Aunt Doris out shoveling the snow from around her Ancaster home during a nasty blizzard that hit the Hamilton area back in 1999. As you can read in the caption she is an amazing 72. Doris moved back to her hometown of Peterborough after my Uncle Wallace passed away. Posted by Picasa

The early seventies. My parents camped alot, these picturesd where taken in Hastings Ontario, along the Grand River. Posted by Picasa

More early photos. Posted by Picasa

And still more... Posted by Picasa

My '70's show. Posted by Picasa

Graduation 1988 from Scott Park Secondary in Hamilton. Posted by Picasa

This is from a school play I did in 1977. Scott Park Secondary asked nearby grade school Prince of Wales for kids to play these little cute creatures in a production of Alladin. Posted by Picasa

The whole gang in 1970. Those where the days, a man came around with a pony knocking on doors, taking photos for a nominal fee. Posted by Picasa

Lovin my Buster Brown shoes. Posted by Picasa

Rolling along in 1970. Posted by Picasa

Christmas 1977. Posted by Picasa

My Neice Jennifer and I in 1985. Posted by Picasa

The Prince of Wales Primary School in Hamilton, Ontario grade two- three class of 1977. I was in grade three (front row third from the right). Man, was I ever fashionable in the mock turtle neck and six million dollar man pink shirt) ahem. sarcasm. Posted by Picasa

My hospital birth record card from St. Joseph's Hospital in Hamilton, Ontario. Posted by Picasa

My Kindergarten report card. Prince of Wales. Front cover. Posted by Picasa

My Kindergarten report card. I still can't spell or add. And getting along with others? sometimes (smilie face, evil grin) Posted by Picasa

My Grade 1 report card from Prince of Wales, in Hamilton, Ontario. My see and say must have still been busted. Posted by Picasa

Christmas 2005

Me! happily showing off my gifts, a photo of Jen's kids with Santa at the mall, and a book called "Our World's a Stage: The Summers Family Story" by Robert James Williamson. The Summers where the pioneers of theater in Hamilton. Posted by Picasa

My 2006 Christmas pic

Kevin and Jennifer with Brandon and Trevor with Santa.  Posted by Picasa

Denise with her Santa baby. Posted by Picasa

Wayne and Nancy with Tara and Christine and Santa. Posted by Picasa

Dave and Patrice with David, Max,Shane,Dillon,Tim and Santa Posted by Picasa

Kenneth with Santa. Posted by Picasa

Brandon and Trevor with Santa Posted by Picasa

Rosanne, Larry, Trevor with Santa. Posted by Picasa

Dan's a big Tony Stewart fan
Tracy with her new pearced earings.

James is now mobile.
Set Pictures

Resident Evil II From October 2003. Shot in Hamilton and Toronto. How would you like to meet these dudes out Trick or Treating.

Resident Evil II From October 2003. Shot in Hamilton and Toronto. Sorry about the quality, I took a print out of the origional photo and then applied a water colour wash over it to give it a technicolour look. This doesn't come out well in the scan.

From the set of Playmakers Episode 3 "The Choice part 1". This picture was from July 2003, shot in Toronto's then Skydome now the Rodgers Centre.
Here's a screen capture from the same episode of Playmakers.

From the set of the Canadian production "St.Ralph" shot in September 2003 at Hamilton's steel mill "Stelco". I loved this set the cars where fantastic.

The Hanging judge!. Another one from Under the Dragons Tail. Posted by Picasa
Back in September of 2000 I spent two weeks on the set of John Q, here are some screen captures

This is a screen capture from the second episode of Wonderfalls. A short lived series from 2004.

Back on November 1, 2004 I did a MOW(Made For TV) film about a small town being attacked by genetically altered yellow jackets. The movie was called "Swarmed" and was shot in Dundas, Ontario a subburb of Hamilton. Interestingly enough the town in the film was called Dundas. Here is screen caps that I'm in from the movie.

Land of the Dead(2005)

It's not much, but I am in the movie. Extreme top left in blue, carrying the gunny sack. This scene was filmed on a cold day in December 2004.

Recipe For a Perfect Christmas(2005)

Recipe For a Perfect Christmas(2005)

chilling out Posted by Picasa

classic pose, I love this one Posted by Picasa

styling and profiling Posted by Picasa

from the boardroom Posted by Picasa

I know no props! but I loved the chair. Posted by Picasa

you looking at me! Posted by Picasa

looking official Posted by Picasa

more from my portfolio Posted by Picasa

Full body shot form Under The Dragons Tail. Posted by Picasa

Under the Dragons Tail. A Canadian Film released in 2005 Posted by Picasa

Headshot Posted by Picasa

On the set of Sixteen Blocks

From the set of Blue Print For Disaster:King's Cross

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